Tips for the People leaving for Hajj

Tips for the People leaving for Hajj

Many Number of the people throughout the world who go for Hajj. And while performing Hajj they overcome some of the hurdles and challengings. So I, therefore, feel it necessary to pass information on how to lessen the hurdles while performing the Hajj with Hajj Packages From UK and make your Hajj more effective and with much ease. The tips are as follow,

Do some Homework:

It is the universal Law the better you know the better you will do. So, therefore, before you leave for Hajj you must do some work like you must know the aspects of the Hajj. You must know that what are the aspects of the Hajj what to perform and what to not what should be your way. Which is the perfect way of performing Hajj?

Which places you are going to visit and what you have to do on the first day of Hajj, then what on the second day and what on the third day of the Hajj. So that you may not have to ask the people what to do and how to do. And you must know that which things can make your Hajj not under consideration. You must have a detailed account of every aspect of the Hajj.

Good company:

When you go for Umrah you must check your company is good or not like the people you are going with must not be the one who will make you sleep along rather than encouraging for the Tahajjud. And will motivate you to do extra Tawaf and Sai rather than saying you to rest. You must keep in mind that you are not on the Holidays but you left your home and worldly life to make Allah Happy. So you must pray and perform the aspects of Hajj to make Allah Happy.

Knowledge about Ihram:

Before you leave you must have the knowledge about who to wear the Ihram and where the Miqat places are and if you are on shipping then you must wear Ihram from the House. As you know after the minimum distance of 97km if you will wear Ihram your Hajj will not under consideration.

Things to keep with you:

There is a list of things what you must keep along with you when you will leave for Umrah they are as follow,

• You must have an extra Ihram with you. If one would get dirty when you spent a day in mina so that you may wear that.
• Must keep a painkiller and an ointment with you because the floors of Haram is made up of Granite that hurt feet so much so after doing Tawaf and Sia if they get hurt you can use that.
• Take a water bottle along with you because there is a great rash of peoples and so much mess and doing continuously Tawaf and Sia can make you thirst.
• Took the Barber equipment with you.
• Took the bath equipment with you.
• Make sure your bag ages must not be too much.

Taking Care of somethings:

There is a list of things you should keep in mind those are as follow,
• You must have a backup of money.
• You should not hurt someone feelings.
• You should not fight.
• You should keep your documents save in the hotel of your residence and hide them so that you may get saved from many of mishaps.
• You must perform all of the aspects of the Hajj.

These are some basic tips for the people leaving for the Hajj. It is wishes of the person to perform Hajj but not all Muslims can perform it because it is much expansive and only a few people are selected to perform hajj so people who didn’t get the opportunity to perform Hajj they perform (Mini-Hajj) or Umrah. So keeping this in view, many umrah tours providers 2019 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation are available now and Muslims of different regions and make it easy for them to perform Mini-Hajj.


Umrah Guide for Kids

As you know that performing, Umrah is neither imperious nor mandatory, but performing it even once in a lifetime is an honor for Muslims and can carry a hajji countless rewards. However, there are lesser people than Hajj. For those who are stressed with certain obligations and time or economic limitations, Umrah is also a more flexible choice. If you want to go for Umrah through Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages you can contact Umrah Experts they have cheap packages for those peoples who live in the UK.

According to Islam, you don’t have a specific period by which you have to perform Umrah in the holy cities and you can perform it at any time of year. There are 4 pillars of Umrah which are,

• Wearing an Ihram

• Tawaf e Kaaba

• Say’ee

• Cut off hair

So, if you are going to perform Umrah instead of Hajj this year, we wish you the best and hearten you to help others along the way.

Things to Consider for Kids

There are some important things which you should consider when you are going to Umrah with children,

• Experts say that you should talk to the children about why this holy trip is being occupied. Tell them, what is the significance of Umrah and how should we behave there. No need to worry there are many kids all around there.

• It is important to get the children vaccination of meningitis ACWY135. The kids’ age of 2-15 years needs to have vaccination of polio.

• Next thing is kids dressing yes, you should avoid the western dressing because its fascinate too much attention. If the kid is over 6 then he should wear an Ihram and little girls must wear a hijab.

• When you visit the Masjid, it is a good thing to take some toys or dolls to keep the kids busy, but videos games, dummy cell phones, and the camera shouldn’t be given to kids.

• Don’t let the kids out of sight because these places are generally crowded. Just hold their hands and look after them where they are going.

• The baby carriage is not allowed inside the Masjid, but wheelchairs are available for rent and people can use it for kids.

• Kids shoes should be taken in a bag because kids lost their shoes in the crowd at the gate.

• Small water bottles and snacks should be carried along with you for kids in that case kids get hungry.

• Kids should rest properly.

These are the major points that you should take it seriously and when you are going to Umrah with through Economical approved umrah travel agents 2019 for families with Visa, flight and Transportation