Tips for doing Tawaf and Sai during Hajj and Umrah

Tips for doing Tawaf and Sai during Hajj and Umrah

Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. Muslims are present in almost every religion of the world and practicing its teachings in their daily day life. Every Muslims has a wish led their lives according to the Quran and Sunnah and fulfill all the aspects of Islam and get success in world and hereafter.

Behind this wish, there is a deep and heart core wish of every Muslims to perform Umrah with Last 10 Nights Makkah 5 Star Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019. Many people around the world use to go to the Holy Places and enjoy its blessings and rewards.

But the Muslims face many problems while doing the Umrah and Hajj and the most highlighted problem is when they do Tawaf and Sai. The problem faced by them are as follow,


• People feel Thirst while Tawaf
• People feel Hunger while Tawaf
• People feel Pain in feet
• People face Sun problem
• People get Getting lost
• There are very much Pushing and pulling
• People forget how much Tawaf or Sai they had done
• People forget where they start doing Tawaf

There are some of the solutions to the above problems are as follow,


The solution of the problems while doing Tawaf and Sai are as follow,

• You must keep water bottle along with you while doing Tawaf and drink it after completing one round of it.
• You must eat first then start Tawaf and Sai in this way it will be your exercise.
• You must take Vaseline with you or a painkiller with you if you feel pain with you if it is much worst there is a facility of the vehicle which makes people do Tawaf.
• You must take an umbrella, sunglasses and sun cream with you because while doing Tawaf the sun is on head and sun rises goes into eyes and also a cause a little burring effect on people.
• You must hold each other hands firmly.
• It is better to start the Tawaf from the Blackstone and complete one round of Tawaf there.
• It is better to keep a Tasbeeh of seven stones in your hand in this way you will be able to remember how much you did Tawaf.

These are some of the solutions to the problems. If you will bear this in mind then you will be able to perform Umrah and Hajj more effectively.

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Ziyarat OF Makkah


Ziyarat is a form of pilgrimage to places connected related to Muhammad, and his family members and offspring his confidants and other respected figures in Islam such as the prophets, and Islamic researchers. Places of pilgrimage include mosques, tombs, battlegrounds, foothills, and caves.”

Now the question arises, why it is necessary for us to do Ziyarat? Why we not only just go to masjid-ul-haram and fulfill all its aspects and went back? Well, Ziyarat is necessary because it had been practiced before in early times. Ziyarat is done in both in Umrah as well as in Hajj. While doing Ziyarat a person get to know the origin of Islam which imparts a great knowledge, and it RENEWS OUR EMMAN when we get to know about our religion and the sacrifices people have done while spreading the Islam in the whole world. By Ziyarat we get to know about many things like their life and the circumstances in which they are living in. It gives us a sense of sorrows and then we start to compare our life with theirs and thanks to ALLAH ALMIGHTY that we haven’t faced those problems they have faced in their life’s and then check out their strong belief and steadfastness on their belief, that in such miserable conditions they never leave the rope of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. By this, we get the inspiration for them and our “BELIEVE GETS MORE STRONGER”. And then we get the sense of being blessed by him, that there believe was stronger than ours and they all were better from us in their actions, still, we enjoy more blessing then them, and feel us lucky. As the Islam is great and the most practiced religion of world it as the great system it as for making the Ziyarat necessary because it renews our religion and make it fresh and we start to do good and spread good deeds. The mainstream of Sunni professor’s statement that the purpose of visiting the graves, cemeteries, and tombs is only to remind people of death, and to do good deeds before the time span in this universe or world come to an end. They point out to the Sunni historical sources proving that Ziyarat is allowed and was always practiced.

Well as you get to know about its facts make sure you must do Ziyarat. Pilgrimage to Makah is the lifetime opportunity, so a pilgrimage must do ziyarah of every single place of Makah listed below. For this you can’t trust the agency, so took the package according to that because different tour providers have different packages just like Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages.

1. Masjid UL Haram
2. Masjid Aisha
3. Jabal Al Rahma
4. Jannat al Mualla
5. Jabal Nur
6. Cave of Hira
7. Cave of Thaur
8. Birth Place of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
9. Masjid Jin
10. Masjid Bilal
11. Mount Abu Qubais
12. Muzdalifa
13. Masjid UL Khayf
14. Jamarat

These are some places for Ziyarat, you should go on everyplace mention above through Luxury umrah tours for families with Visa, flight and Transportation each have its own story and own standard. These are places on which the origin of Islam is bonded. Contains so many knowledge and make sure you must have a guide to tell you each and every detail of it, select your plan accordingly.