Beggars are Arrested in Riyadh during Ramadan

Beggars are arrested in Riyadh during Ramadan

In Riyadh, around 255 beggars were arrested during Ramadan. These beggars included 124 women, 75 children, and 56 men. They were arrested in the first week of Ramadan. Each year, when the holy month arrives, group of beggars start roaming here and there in Riyadh but the policies and law implement system is very strict in Riyadh due to which people who are involved in illegal things, start getting arrested at the time. It is highly prohibited for children to do any kind of work in Riyadh and begging is strictly banned for everyone whether you are children or an adult. Usually, people who are there from other countries start doing this act of begging. Their visas have expired and they are not given other jobs due to security issues.

These people start adopting this profession of begging. The police of Riyadh has told the people that they should not sympathize with such people because it will help them to make begging a proper profession. Since the Visas of such people are expired or outdated, therefore, strict action is taken against such people by the law and enforcement team of Riyadh. This will help a lot in making the security situation of the Riyadh better and will also ensure the safety of the citizens. Other countries should learn from the example of Riyadh and should implement a strict policy so that people refrain from any such act of begging in the future as well.

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