Ziyarat OF Makkah


Ziyarat is a form of pilgrimage to places connected related to Muhammad, and his family members and offspring his confidants and other respected figures in Islam such as the prophets, and Islamic researchers. Places of pilgrimage include mosques, tombs, battlegrounds, foothills, and caves.”

Now the question arises, why it is necessary for us to do Ziyarat? Why we not only just go to masjid-ul-haram and fulfill all its aspects and went back? Well, Ziyarat is necessary because it had been practiced before in early times. Ziyarat is done in both in Umrah as well as in Hajj. While doing Ziyarat a person get to know the origin of Islam which imparts a great knowledge, and it RENEWS OUR EMMAN when we get to know about our religion and the sacrifices people have done while spreading the Islam in the whole world. By Ziyarat we get to know about many things like their life and the circumstances in which they are living in. It gives us a sense of sorrows and then we start to compare our life with theirs and thanks to ALLAH ALMIGHTY that we haven’t faced those problems they have faced in their life’s and then check out their strong belief and steadfastness on their belief, that in such miserable conditions they never leave the rope of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. By this, we get the inspiration for them and our “BELIEVE GETS MORE STRONGER”. And then we get the sense of being blessed by him, that there believe was stronger than ours and they all were better from us in their actions, still, we enjoy more blessing then them, and feel us lucky. As the Islam is great and the most practiced religion of world it as the great system it as for making the Ziyarat necessary because it renews our religion and make it fresh and we start to do good and spread good deeds. The mainstream of Sunni professor’s statement that the purpose of visiting the graves, cemeteries, and tombs is only to remind people of death, and to do good deeds before the time span in this universe or world come to an end. They point out to the Sunni historical sources proving that Ziyarat is allowed and was always practiced.

Well as you get to know about its facts make sure you must do Ziyarat. Pilgrimage to Makah is the lifetime opportunity, so a pilgrimage must do ziyarah of every single place of Makah listed below. For this you can’t trust the agency, so took the package according to that because different tour providers have different packages just like Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages.

1. Masjid UL Haram
2. Masjid Aisha
3. Jabal Al Rahma
4. Jannat al Mualla
5. Jabal Nur
6. Cave of Hira
7. Cave of Thaur
8. Birth Place of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
9. Masjid Jin
10. Masjid Bilal
11. Mount Abu Qubais
12. Muzdalifa
13. Masjid UL Khayf
14. Jamarat

These are some places for Ziyarat, you should go on everyplace mention above through Luxury umrah tours for families with Visa, flight and Transportation each have its own story and own standard. These are places on which the origin of Islam is bonded. Contains so many knowledge and make sure you must have a guide to tell you each and every detail of it, select your plan accordingly.

The Ways to Develop the Quran Interest in the Kids

The Holy Quran is the superlative source of direction and supervision with the unquestionably is the ultimate reality. Islamic principles and policies are all personified in the Holy Quran and Muslims can easily follow them to spend a righteous life. If you want to avail the better chance to spend a life in this world just follow the Quran blindly and visit the House of Allah again and again through Umrah in Last 10 Days of Ramadan.

The learning Quran is a mandatory part of every Muslim domestic and it’s a responsibility of the parents to make sure that their kids begin a knowledge of the Holy Quran at an initial age. Because kids have no idea what is the Quran and its importance for the Muslims. One thing keeps in your mind, the kids learn the Quran full of interest, therefore, we are disclosing some ways which will develop the interest in them, are given below,

As an Entertainment

For making the Quran interesting for the children, entertainment is the best option. You can entertain them by telling the stories of previous prophets which are mentioned in the Quran. In that way, they can take interest and learn the Quran e Pak easily. After recitation, parents should take a quiz from the given lesson which is also a way to develop the interest.

Daily Recitation

The consistency is the best way to learn the Quran to the kids even, you teach them a single line daily. Through this, a habit is developed inside the children and they will regularly recite the Holy Quran. An automatically their interest will be developed.

Online Learning

Through online learning with a different application, their interest could be developed because, kids are curious about Tv, social activities on the computer. This way is catchy and inexpensive and they can easily learn the Quran with Tajweed which meaning is to correct the pronunciation of the Arabic words. Online classes help them more and anytime they can learn from there.

Advantages of the Quran

Now, let us see the benefits of the learning the Quran, which are given below,

• As you know that Quranic knowledge is compulsory for the Muslims, therefore, the first benefit is that children are fulfilling their religious obligation at an early age.
• They know about Islam and its pillars, rights, holy instructions, etc.
• They know about the stories of previous Prophets
• Through these children and parents bonding more strong
• They become peaceful and positive
• They spread peace in the society

So, we must give some time to the children to develop their hidden qualities and be making them civilized persons in society. For more Islamic knowledge, just visit the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah with Economical umrah guide agents 2019 for families with Visa, flight and Transportation and make your journey safe and comfortable with us.

Umrah Guide for Kids

As you know that performing, Umrah is neither imperious nor mandatory, but performing it even once in a lifetime is an honor for Muslims and can carry a hajji countless rewards. However, there are lesser people than Hajj. For those who are stressed with certain obligations and time or economic limitations, Umrah is also a more flexible choice. If you want to go for Umrah through Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages you can contact Umrah Experts they have cheap packages for those peoples who live in the UK.

According to Islam, you don’t have a specific period by which you have to perform Umrah in the holy cities and you can perform it at any time of year. There are 4 pillars of Umrah which are,

• Wearing an Ihram

• Tawaf e Kaaba

• Say’ee

• Cut off hair

So, if you are going to perform Umrah instead of Hajj this year, we wish you the best and hearten you to help others along the way.

Things to Consider for Kids

There are some important things which you should consider when you are going to Umrah with children,

• Experts say that you should talk to the children about why this holy trip is being occupied. Tell them, what is the significance of Umrah and how should we behave there. No need to worry there are many kids all around there.

• It is important to get the children vaccination of meningitis ACWY135. The kids’ age of 2-15 years needs to have vaccination of polio.

• Next thing is kids dressing yes, you should avoid the western dressing because its fascinate too much attention. If the kid is over 6 then he should wear an Ihram and little girls must wear a hijab.

• When you visit the Masjid, it is a good thing to take some toys or dolls to keep the kids busy, but videos games, dummy cell phones, and the camera shouldn’t be given to kids.

• Don’t let the kids out of sight because these places are generally crowded. Just hold their hands and look after them where they are going.

• The baby carriage is not allowed inside the Masjid, but wheelchairs are available for rent and people can use it for kids.

• Kids shoes should be taken in a bag because kids lost their shoes in the crowd at the gate.

• Small water bottles and snacks should be carried along with you for kids in that case kids get hungry.

• Kids should rest properly.

These are the major points that you should take it seriously and when you are going to Umrah with through Economical approved umrah travel agents 2019 for families with Visa, flight and Transportation

Beggars are Arrested in Riyadh during Ramadan

Beggars are arrested in Riyadh during Ramadan

In Riyadh, around 255 beggars were arrested during Ramadan. These beggars included 124 women, 75 children, and 56 men. They were arrested in the first week of Ramadan. Each year, when the holy month arrives, group of beggars start roaming here and there in Riyadh but the policies and law implement system is very strict in Riyadh due to which people who are involved in illegal things, start getting arrested at the time. It is highly prohibited for children to do any kind of work in Riyadh and begging is strictly banned for everyone whether you are children or an adult. Usually, people who are there from other countries start doing this act of begging. Their visas have expired and they are not given other jobs due to security issues.

These people start adopting this profession of begging. The police of Riyadh has told the people that they should not sympathize with such people because it will help them to make begging a proper profession. Since the Visas of such people are expired or outdated, therefore, strict action is taken against such people by the law and enforcement team of Riyadh. This will help a lot in making the security situation of the Riyadh better and will also ensure the safety of the citizens. Other countries should learn from the example of Riyadh and should implement a strict policy so that people refrain from any such act of begging in the future as well.

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Differences in Opinions & How to Unify Ourselves

Differences in Opinions & How to Unify Ourselves

The contrasts of the opinion are a natural fact. As the world is consists of many people. what does it mean? It means that we have thousands of thousands of people around us who have different types of ideas in their brains that can be innovative. You will see lots of development in every country in the world. You can see the different types of cultural treasures through Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 Lowest Price Deals in the UK. The environment also depends on the breeding of your minds, of your thoughts, the creative thinking you have. As you can see the different places of the world that don’t have enough food to eat and if you see the other side of the world then you see the amazing things worldly life is approaching towards the other planet of the world. If you see the Islamic world then you will have amazed to see the people having different types of opinion on the same issue.

Umrah Experts provides low budget Three star Ramadan Umrah package with family from London with a hotel and flight Umrah Experts provides low budget Three star Ramadan Umrah package with family from London with hotel and flight. If you have any problem with respect to religious matter and you search on the web you will found the bunch of opinions and you will have amazed and have the great confusion at the same time. You will feel like you have no direction and you don’t know from you have to take a start and from where you would finish it. There you must have the basic knowledge about the topics you are searching for and if have the basic knowledge then obviously, you have the proper direction in your mind and it would be easy to take the initiate. You should spend your time in those people who are very close to religion and listen to them carefully. And you can make the practical prayers as well through the best facilities.

For the Muslims of the United Kingdom, Umrah Experts provides cheap umrah consultants 2019 for families with Visa, flight and Transportation. This is the best source to make the improvement through the prayers. we should listen to the different opinions but should select those who can unify us and not cause to depart our ways. A mind can be scattered easily but the real thing is to unite them with great confidence. We should find the ways where we can make the closeness in our attitude rather make separate groups having different opinions. We should prefer the ways how we can reunite us. As nothing can be better to have the reunion.

Offer Your Umrah with Great Spiritual Satisfaction

No doubt, all the luxuries we face today is the result of the hard working of those who sacrifice their lives for the sake of humanity and for the comfort of the thousands of the people. life is full of difficulties or full of comforts, as it all depends upon our effort on how we engage ourselves. Islam is the complete code of guidelines on how to make you happy and satisfied.

We usually feel uncomfortable even we have all the luxuries of life then why we are unable to sleep some sound moments in our life. why some people take the pills even they have all the apparent peace in their lives, by having the lavish lifestyle and the best facilities in the world. Although you can have a good appearance in front of the world you can’t be able to hide the things from Allah Almighty indeed he knows all the secrets in your hearts as well.

Umrah and Hajj are one of the most important religious obligations of true believers. indeed, nothing can be so much blessing over Hajj as when you complete this obligation you are just like an infant with respect to your wrong deeds. As all your sins, has been wiped out through the blessing of Allah Almighty. Therefore, we are providing you such opportunities in the form of Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 from the UK. You should make your religious tours with a lot of ease and luxury. As the prayers are the great source to gain the spiritual as well as mental satisfaction to achieve your goals. We should have the quest to find the best possible ways to grab the satisfaction.

Indeed, Allah Almighty has provided us with many ways to seek forgiveness but these are our mistakes that we don’t give them real attention and make ourselves busy in other activates. As Allah knows the real intentions of your hearts, If your intention is good and people find it difficult to understand the scenario. Then surely, He almighty will give you the reward for that. But if your intentions are wrong and you did the maximum right and pious things in your life, they will have no value on the day of resurrection and have no more benefit for you. Therefore, make your prayers with great spirituality and in an exact way that it has the right to do and if you are finding cheap packages with Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah Deal in Public Holidays with Air Tickets 2019 you can visit Umrah Experts sites.

Important Advice on Missing Flight for Umrah

According to a research study, almost three travelers miss their flight every day due to unavoidable reasons. Even though people prefer air travel than traveling by road because it’s more efficient and quicker but if you miss your flight you might end up having the longest traveling journey instead of a quicker one which can cause a lot of problem for you.

When you become a regular traveler, you might have to face difficult situations like missing a flight. This can happen due to your mismanagement of handling your plans, your weak memory of remembering the date and time of your flight or some mechanical issue in your plane can lead to missing a flight. In cases when the respected pilgrims are traveling to perform the Holy obligation of Umrah, then missing a flight can create extreme anxiety. Some important advice must be kept in mind whenever you face such a situation. First ever thing which you should do is to take a deep breath and think logically. Never panic in such situations and never get emotional otherwise you get unable to think properly.

Go to the ticket counter for help and if other people are facing the same situation then make a group with them. You will get fast results if you are asking for help in the form of a group. If you remain calm, you will be able to explain your problem easily to other people. Do remember that if it was your fault that you missed your flight by getting late, the company is not responsible for this. You will have to think of a solution on your own without blaming the airline company. If you were about to travel by availing the best packages of the Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages, then you are provided with the amenity of flights having appropriate dates and time. But you should know the privacy policies of the travel agencies who are providing the facility for the booking of flights and the issues related to late flights and departures. There is a possibility that you may get charged of change in the penalty or a difference in fare might also occur which is logical.
Some companies have a rule known as flat tire rule. According to that rule, you might become eligible for a free change i.e. without any charges of penalty. This happens, when you arrive within a few hours of your scheduled departure after you have faced issues like a flat tire due to an accident or traffic jam. Some companies are generous enough to give you benefits in such emergency cases. That is why it is advised to read the company’s policies before utilizing it so that you get able to gain any benefit when needed.

In case if it’s not your fault that you missed your flight, then it’s your right to ask for alternative solutions from that airline company. Many airline companies will adjust you in a next flight if available. If the flight has departed on the next day, then the airline should either provide you with a place for your stay or should offer you meals without any charges. But again you should remember that all these things are provided to you if they are mentioned in the company’s policies otherwise you will not be able to claim anything. So, book your deals like cheap umrah travel agency Package 2019 for the family with Visa, flight and Transportation carefully.