Islamic Provisions for the Poor

The menace of poverty has shattered and disturbed roots of societies at national and international level. To curb this grave challenge, many strategies and measurements are taken by governments. Islam which is a religion of and for the welfare of poor, meet their all necessities including Umrah pilgrimage and requirements with pride in order to utilize their abilities.

Islamic Provisions for the Poor
Islamic Provisions for the Poor

There are many hadiths of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) for poor and their dignity. According to the meaning of one hadith, Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that if a person wishes to seek my pleasure, he must look after the poor. Many Umrah Packages such as full Ramadan umrah package 2019 are available nowadays.

Islamic Provisions for the Poor
Islamic Provisions

On other places, Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said which means, Allah likes and blesses those who give the rights of their weak and those persons will not be disinfected whose feeble cannot received their right without much struggle. Islam is possibly the first religion which awards the deprived a right of a portion in the wealth of the rich and founds an institutional mechanism to make financial support available to them to provide to their elementary requirements. The Holy Quran said that and in their capital was a portion for the one who questioned for assistance and for one who could not.

Islamic Provisions for the Poor
poor kids

The segment of the poor is, though, not to be proclaimed by their own decorative or that of their leaders through cooperative haggling via militant trade amalgamations, which can create discord and class battle. It must be single-minded in accordance with the direction provided by Allah Almighty in the most even-handed means, everyone being equally dear to Him like His creation. Islam makes the privileges of the poor the responsibility of the rich for which they are made accountable to Allah Almighty. For this, a comprehensive and very actual recognized framework has been provided which syndicates both obligatory and voluntary action on the part of the person. Likewise on the occasion of umrah, many Muslim enjoy Umrah Package like cheap umrah agents in UK Package 2019 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation.

According to the Holy Quran, the model society is the one in which, it is offered for thee that thou wilt, not starvation therein, nor wilt thou be unclothed. And thou wilt not thirstiness therein, nor wilt thou is unprotected to the sun.

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