The Citilink introduces Umrah flight service

The acting President of Citilink, Albert Burhan said the about the route – which joins Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Banten, west of Jakarta, West King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah – would work six times each week, with the passage in Medan, North Sumatra, and Mumbai, India. The airline has committed two Airbus A320-200 from its armada to serve at the new course.

The Citilink introduces Umrah flight service1
The Citilink introduces Umrah flight service

“This year, we are assuming to fly no less than 26,250 Umrah passengers before the end of June, on the grounds that we can fly 175 passengers every day [to Jeddah],” Albert said on Tuesday as cited by

He said the Umrah business was huge in the nation as a result of the yearlong hold up to go on Hajj throughHajj Packages 2019 from UK – an outcome of a share set by the Saudi government.


Indonesia, with a populace of 250 million individuals, sends around 200,000 explorers to Makkah and Medina consistently for the biggest yearly assembling of individuals on the globe.

The Citilink introduces Umrah flight service

Umrah is very popular in terms of blessings for the Muslims in everywhere or any part of the world. There are the best airlines in the world to accommodate Muslims. In the Hajj and Umrah through Economical umrah agents, 2019 for families with Visa, flight and Transportation which are going from Indonesia and Jakarta India is very easy and reachable as I mention its works six times in weekdays.

Umrah business is also very good the output is very good as regards to this business. This is the business which is shared with Saudi govt because the flight and hajj are booked from there Its taxable and other laws are also applicable in this business. When we talk about Indonesia and other countries there is a figure of the amount of currency in an incessant basis. The package price is sensible for the customers. Though, while it is close to any Holy places the location is north of the mosque, while the preferred hotels for the Indonesian voyagers are the ones in the region.

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